New Technologies in the Classroom

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This could be a simple list that any evaluator can use to decipher how the technology is being used in a particular lesson.

Is the technology being used “Just because it’s there”?

This would be the use of edutainment software, the use of a particular piece of technology because it happens to be in the room. The teacher dabbles with technology, not having a real focus on its use within the lesson but uses it as an add-on or at a very basic level (no real impact on the learning process).

Is the technology allowing the teacher/students to do Old things in Old ways?

Publishing a piece of writing in Word rather than hand writing it would be an example of this. Also, using an LCD projector instead of a white/black board for a lesson. Another example would be researching on the Internet rather than in an Encyclopedia.

These are all great things, and great ways to use technology, but they are only replacing the way we have always done things with something that might be faster, easier, and more accurate. In the end however, they are still the same old things we have been doing for years in education.

Is the technology allowing the teacher/students to do Old things in New ways?

Examples would be: watching Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech or listening to a recording of Stalin. Old things in New ways could also be reading and evaluation an original piece of writing or visiting a battle site via Google Earth.                                                                                                                

These are not new things…just new ways of doing old things. We used to read Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech to the class, now we can watch him give his speech in Washington D.C. We used to read the words of Stalin, now we can hear him speak them. We used to read from a book, now we can read and look at the original document. Instead of talking about a battle site, we can now visit that site virtually. These are not new things; they just enhance the old ways of doing things.

Is the technology creating new and different learning experiences for the students?

Does the technology allow students to learn from people they never would have been able to without it? Does the technology allow students to interact with information in a way that is meaningful and could not have happened otherwise? Does the technology allow students to create and share their knowledge with an audience they never would have had access to without technology?

Many of our teachers are not at this level yet and many might never get here because this level of technology use requires a new way of looking at learning. One in which many of our schools are not yet prepared to look deeply into. It is great to see teachers using technology in their lessons. It is even more informative if you can evaluate at what level that technology is affecting learning. Is it a replacement for the way we do things or is it something completely new and pushes both the students and teacher to new heights, new learning, and new knowledge.

In regards to the leaps and bounds that technology in the electrical trade has expanded in recent years. Including such things as smart houses, programmable electronic devices and advanced home entertainment centers in residences to programmable logic controllers (PLCs), electronic variable speed motor controls, digital metering and fiber optics in industry we as instructors must keep ourselves up-to-date in order to give our students the most modern relevant information to better prepare them to meet this influx of new technology. To do this we need the most modern training equipment available.



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