New Technologies in the Classroom

assinment #2 for ED3801


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When the tasks to be taught involve expensive equipment or are dangerous for the inexperienced and too time consuming to perform actually, then software programs in conjunction with a variety of hands on and virtual equipment can be used to drill, practise and assess the trainee.  By using simulators students are able to practice skills in a controlled environment without worry of making mistakes and dangering themselves, others, or damaging expensive equipment. This allows for a safe training experience which is important in operator training of automated and highly complexed machinery. Simulators are computer controlled devices that are programmed to coordinate graphic and auditory stimuli in an interactive setting or work station. Learner reacts to the information presented by the simulator and in turn simulates a reaction that would happen should that skill or information demostration be offered in a real time enviroment. Simulators are expensive, not all organizations can afford them. Through proper assessment,  institutions can determine their needs. If such apparatus is available it must be used wisely. Use of the simulator must be preceded by necessary lower level learning. All simulator activities or practise sessions should be kept short and gradually lenghtened in duration as the student ‘s abilities approve.


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June 13, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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